I am a typical sweet tooth who always ponder in front of the sweet shelves. Every time I go grocery shopping alone, I subconsciously grab a pack of 75% dark chocolate or milky candy with me. 

I’m introducing you this sugar free tea that you can enjoy without feeling a tiny guilt. Cream caramel Rooibos tea, the private label KingsCrown from Rossmann. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it is a drug store chain in Germany. 

If Thai milk tea is your type, I assume you won’t run away from this one. 

From the indication of the packaging, I assumed it will taste like Werther’s, but still keep the nutty earthy note of rooibos tea. It should goes pretty well with any dessert, like pairing green tea with shortbreads. Rooibos tea is often blended with other spices, like fruits, flowers and seeds to enhance the aroma and taste. 

tasty caramel tea

Let's try this sugar-free tea

Product name in German:

Rooibostee Sahne-Karamell

20 bags | €0,99 | 40g | 200ml water per bag | 

90 °C for 5 minutes

Heavy and Hearty

Creamy texture stayed on my palate even after 3 minutes, absolutely not the type of tea in the morning. Yes, I didn’t think too much when I decided this as my morning tea, the wrong timing. 

The body and flavour will help you to unwind from work to home, or it could be the bedtime tea if you are the sweet tooth like me. 


Strong caramel scent reveals in a few seconds. The buttery aroma is less than I expected.


 Heavy, but it is the feeling on your palate, not the astringent taste of full-bodied black tea.

 I personally think this tea tastes better in the cold or room temperature.

creamy caramel rooibos
Caramel & Cream
Where to buy? Rossmann (Germany) or their online shop.


Y&T Orient, We are on the mission of engaging people drinking good tea and find the balance in your wellbeing. Tea is more than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle.  

Grab your cup and enjoy the true taste of tea.