Before the official launching of Clarity Taiwan Tea, I have been organizing and hosting tea tasting events for tea lovers who opened their arms to new experiences. Stories, myths, facts and some takeaway tips, and you won’t be silently sitting there and sipping tea by yourself. Communicate, Share and Feel. You might know your friends, co-workers or families more through a cup of tea.

I will make sure everyone has the chance to taste the tea and feel the flow, the best group size is between 2 to 10 people.

Events in 2020

Feb 2020

02.08 First group tea tasting for 5 people @ FEL Californian Cuisine (Business bay, Dubai)

02.15 Second group tea tasting before going back for tea sourcing @ FEL Californian Cuisine (Business bay, Dubai) –See the information Link HERE.

March 2020

Private tea tasting and story-telling

Book Yours Now! It’s insightful and FUN!brew chinese tea

teapot and chinese teacup

Past Events in 2019

May 2019

FIRST TRY! Thanks for the Culture MIX.
Open tea tasting for 5 people: @ Cozy Coffee (Friedrichshain, Berlin)

June 2019

Private (charged) tea tasting and education for 4 people: Private owned design studio (Prenzlauerberg, Berlin)

July 2019

Open tea tasting for 3 people: @ Cozy Coffee (Friedrichshain, Berlin)

September 2019

Open tea tasting for 8 people: @Runa Keramik (Kreuzberg, Berlin)
See the information: Event Link is here(Friedrichshain, Berlin)

October 2019

Home Sweet Home. Back for winter tea sourcing in Taiwan.

tea garden in taiwan