Taste of Sweet Organic Spring ( Limited)

Taste of Sweet Organic Spring ( Limited)

 5,00 20,50

  • AED: د.إ21.62 - د.إ88.63

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 5,00 20,50

  • AED: د.إ21.62 - د.إ88.63

You can’t miss spring tea if you love the floral note and ultra sweetness in a cup of tea. This organic Lishan (Mt. Pear) spring tea has a crisp floral note and a very smooth sweet taste. It is so sweet that it’s almost like drinking sweetened spring water. Friendship sourcing directly from the grower Mr.Lin,  we reserved it in last winter.

The moisture content is only 1-3%, whereas the general standard is 5%.

The less the moisture rate is, the longer the tea can preserve. 

Organic-certified by the national university lab. No chemical fertilizer and pesticides

Harvest and produce: May 2020, a very small batch. 

Tea soup: Golden green

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Sitting between the valleys, the tea garden was covered with rocks 25 years ago. The owner of the garden Mr. Lin was spearheading the movement of organic tea farming in central Taiwan where most of the tea growers were still using chemicals.

What makes it so special?

The frost damaged the tea plants badly just right before the spring harvest, so the amount of tea available drastically reduced by 25% this year. But luckily the profound rainfall and cold weather after one or two weeks, have made the tea Ultra Sweet and Robust this year. 

Basic tone: Floral(light orchid and osmanthus) and strong sweetness

Mouthfeel: Light and refreshing. 

Aftertaste (Lingering) floral note

Cold fragrance: sugarcane

7g + 110ml in 98 to 95 celsius degrees

We suggest only use KONG-FU brewing to enjoy this delicacy. 

1st infusion: 30 sec/ 2nd: 25 sec/ 3rd onwards: 45 secs (plus 15 secs in each infusion)

6 infusions

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