Sweet Rock – UAE only.

Sweet Rock – UAE only.

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 9,50 28,00

  • AED: د.إ41.07 - د.إ121.05

This tea has a chilled aftertaste in the throat like the taste of river water along with the sweetness of peach and berry. The beautiful fruity aroma and light floral note expanding with the hand-rolled ball shape. Growing in one of the most famous tea regions in central Taiwan, where this special rock tea was first imported.

No artificial addictive and extra flavoring.   

**Thanks for everyone’s high demand, but We can only deliver this tea within UAE cause our last batch, on-hand inventory is in Dubai. 

Tea of origin: Nantou County, Taiwan

Tea cultivar: Wuyi

Processing: Mid-to-high fermentation (~55%), heavy fire roasting

Low caffeine, No astringency 

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About the tea and cultivar

This tea cultivar was brought from China when the tea plantation just developed in Taiwan. Not many tea farmers want to grow this special tea because of the popularity of Qin-Shin (green core) oolong in Taiwan. It’s become rare. But we love its special taste of black tea and the aftertaste of oolong and green tea. The wife of the tea farmer, who is also our family friend, proudly told us they are one of the few pioneers growing this tea 30 years ago.

Why we choose this?

The tea farmer is the first family tried the new tea-making method of this tea cultivar in Taiwan (and also who is still doing that till now). For tea lovers, we love the “rock taste” (yen-cha). The heavy roast method (not over baked!) makes the overall taste and mouthfeel thick and smooth. It is the real pleasure to slowly enjoy by yourself or with a small group of friends. 

Basic Profile: Peachy sweet and a bit nutty honey aroma. thick mouthfeel, a hint of sweet but refreshing fruity taste.  

Lingering note: No astringency and wild floral notes.
Colour: Thick amber orange with a hint of gold


Rebrew up to 5 times per 100 to 120 ml of hot water (99-90) depends on your preference of the strength. You need 2 pinches of tealeaf (3 grams) for each brewing. 

Chinese method (Kong-fu cha)

Steeping time: 40 sec /35 sec/ 45 sec, then plus 20 sec from the fourth infusion.

For the best aromatic result, we suggest using the ceramic or clay teapot for the heat retaining reason.  Or you can increase the steeping time and low temperature (<80) with the glass teapot. You will experience the mellow sweetness from this tea.

Cold-brew with the bottle:
Use one pouch (5g) to brew with warm water (40 degrees) for half bottle(500ml), rest for 5 mins then fill it up with cold water. You can drink it all day long.

IMPORTANT: Water quality is critical for the taste of tea. We highly recommend you use filtered water or Alkaline water (ph level >8). Read this article to know some benefits of using alkaline water on tea.

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