Silk Dancer


Silk Dancer

 8,20 20,00

  • AED: د.إ35.77 - د.إ87.25

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 8,20 20,00

  • AED: د.إ35.77 - د.إ87.25

The silky mouthfeel, osmanthus aroma and light creamy note made this tea our favourite high mountain oolong. It originates from Taiwan without any milk flavoring. Our Taiwanese tea maker lightly baked the tea to create a toasted milk taste. Not a scented tea, the milky taste will naturally release after you start brewing. Enjoy a cup of authentic natural taste. 

Basic Taste profile: Buttery, Toasted cream, Wild Flower lingering


Grown: Reli, Chiayi County

Mountain: Alishan (Mt. Ali)

2019 Spring harvesting/ Small-batch/ Hand-crafted


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The natural floral aroma and creamy texture with smooth milky taste made it got a nickname “milky oolong”. Floral and the light creamy note with a buttery and silky mouthfeel.
It has a very distinctive osmanthus aroma and light sugary note that you can’t find in other types of oolong. You won’t smell the strong additional milky scent in the dry leaf.

The best quality of Jix-Xuan is from Alishan (Ali Mountain) because of its exceptional weather condition, the soil and the craftsmanship of our collaborate tea masters.

Basic Profile: Full cup of floral note along with the toasted buttery taste. Silky smooth mouthfeel. 

Lingering note: Soothing floral note.

For the best result, we suggest you filtered water or Alkaline water (ph level >8). Read this article to know some benefits of using alkaline water on tea.

Depends on your preference of the strength, it can be brewed up to 5 times per 100 ml of boiling hot water. You need 1 pinch of tealeaf (3 grams) for each infusion.

Chinese method (Kong-fu cha)

Steeping time: 40 sec /45 sec/ 60 sec, then plus 20 sec from the fourth infusion.

For the best aromatic result, we suggest using the ceramic or clay teapot for the heat retaining reason.  Or you can increase the steeping time and low temperature (<80) with the glass teapot. You will experience the mellow sweetness from this tea.

Western method (with MUG)

Amount of water: 300ml 

Steeping time: 3 minutes

Maximum infusions: 2

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Weight30 g

20g, 50g, 75g


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