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Ruby Snow Prince

Ruby Snow Prince


  • AED: د.إ30.43

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  • AED: د.إ30.43

The sweetness and the fine flowery scent come from the natural tea leaf (ruby 18). Absolutely no added artificial fragrance. The very light fermentation keeps the refreshing minty aftertaste which is the highlight of this white tea.


  • Tea region: Mingjian County, Nantou
  • Elevation: 380m above sea level
  • Processing: Light fermentation,  no rolling, light oxidation.

This pack contains 10g which is enough for more than 30 cups (in 200ml), rebrew up to 4 times per 100ml of water.

**You only need 0.5g for one brewing.**

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Our corporate tea artisan uses the famous Taiwanese tea, Tai-Cha 18 (ruby 18), to make this ruby white tea. The astringent is much lower than the common black tea in the western world. Soft, smooth and mildly sweet are the best descriptions of this tea.

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Depends on your water temperature, it can develop the distinct Tai-Cha 18 (ruby 18) taste or the fresh and cool aftertaste from the mintiness.

Basic profile: Smooth and fruity note.

Lingering note: distinct minty hint in the end and lingering in the throat.

Hot brew

Amount of tea:  0,5g (6 tea leaves)

Amount of water: 100 ml / 90 degrees (about 15 seconds after boiling)

Steeping time: at least 3 times (3.5 minutes / 2.5minutes, then plus 30 sec from the third brew)

–Double the steeping time if you brew with 200ml of water and so on.

NOTE: It is not always the golden rules, play with the steeping time as you wish.

Cold brew

Amount of tea:  1g (about 10 tea leaves) with 500ml filtered water.

  • This tea leaf is extremely lightweight, so you might be surprise the amount

Store it at room temperature or refrigerator at least 10 hours.

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