Red Lady Mountain Black Tea

Red Lady Mountain Black Tea

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 2,50 25,00

  • AED: د.إ10.81 - د.إ108.08

This beauty has the note and taste of Candied fruit, cocoa spice and the Floral Honey.

Enjoy the whole leaf black tea from the high mountains in Taiwan, hand-picked and made with low caffeine. It is the warm-based tea with a light mouthfeel and the taste of spring honey.

No astringency even after long steeping time. 


Tea of origin: Shizhuo, Chiayi, Taiwan

Picking: Handpicked every summer between June and July.


We suggest you enjoy this natural aromatic tea in the morning without milk, but you can lighten it up with a teaspoon of honey.

# 50g = 38-42 cups

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The sweetness is naturally produced by the imperfect tealeaf. The small leafhoppers attack tea plants during the summer which activates its “self-repairing mechanism”. After the tea processing, it will generate the wonderful “muscatel flavor”(or honey flavor).

Processing: Heavy oxidation and long-stripe shape.

The tea garden is under ecological-friendly management.


Basic profile: Chocolate, cinnamon, and Malty fermented fruit

Lingering note: the hint of blooming flowers and earthiness.

Malty sweet, Earthy dried fruit 

This delight honey syrup has a vibrant nutty creamy taste with a hint of candied fruit and the hearty lingering taste. The moderate-low amount of caffeine allows you to enjoy any time of the day.

Additional information


sample 5g, 50g, 75g

#1 Chinese Kong-fu style (80-100ml small teapot) 

Use small teapot and brew with 100ml of hot water (95) depends on your preference of the strength. Use 2 pinches (5 grams) for up to 4 infusions. Please rebrew the tea.

Steeping time from first to fourth: 45 sec /35 sec/ 50 sec/ leave it inside (won’t release any astringency).

#2 Enjoy this tea with milk and sugar 

Teapot: Ceramic or glass teapot (350ml)

Use one pouch (5g) or 2 pinches of loose tea and brew with hot water (90) for 6 minutes. Drink in both hot and cold.

Serve the tea in the teacups and add a small amount of sugar (1 to 2 teaspoon) and milk (10-30ml).
Enjoy the floral and honey note of this Alishan honey milk tea.


About the water quality:
Water quality is critical for the taste of tea. We highly recommend you use filtered water or Alkaline water (ph level >8). Read
this article to know some benefits of using alkaline water on tea.


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