Misty Prince Oolong

Misty Prince Oolong

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 7,00 17,95

  • AED: د.إ30.26 - د.إ77.60

The subtle sweet but robust dried fruit flavour might be recognizable for those who are familiar with the British black tea. The best starter for all kinds of tea drinkers.

This high mountain red oolong Misty Prince doesn’t develop bitterness after long steeping. The high mountain red oolong from Alishan is the combination of high oxidation (like black tea) but light baking which will keep its characteristics.

– Tea Region: Shizho, Chiayi, Taiwan

– Elevation: 1400m above sea level

– Processing: Heavy-to-moderate fermentation and level 4~5 roasting.

– Leaf: Semi-hand rolling and hand-picked in the ecological tea garden.

Every 10g = 15 cups (in 100ml); Rebrew up to 4 times with every 3 grams.

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About the Mountain

Moutain Ali The weather in- It’s cold and wet throughout the year which provides the perfect growing condition. The fluctuated temperature between day and night slows down the growth rate but accumulates more flavour in the tea plants.
The tea leaves turn out to be tender and aromatic makes the tea even tastier and full of natural flavour.

Hot Brew

Tea:  3 grams to 5 grams if you want to have 7 to 10 steeps.

Water: 100 ml / 95 degrees (about 10 seconds after boiling)

Time: (1) 40 sec (2) 30 sec, then (3) + 15 sec from the third brew.

—Double the steeping time if you brew with 200ml of water and so on.

Basic profile: Honey and candied fruit

Lingering note: the hint of blooming flowers.

Colour: Amber orange

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Weight20 g

20g, 50g, 75g

1 review for Misty Prince Oolong

  1. 4 out of 5

    It’s sooo aromatic! I could taste a hint of cocoa. The tea leaf is bright and beautiful, love this.

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