Refreshing Taste Sampler

Refreshing Taste Sampler


  • AED: د.إ29.66

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  • AED: د.إ29.66

Taste the refreshing teas in one pack! If you prefer light and bright mouthfeel, this samplers will be your cup of teas. Three farmers, three tasting profiles and three types of tea. All of them are from the farms using ecological farming methods to reduce the impacts on our land and the tea growers.


Eastern Glamour: Oolong tea; Pulmy sour and light woody notes from mid-to-high fermentation.

Silk Dancer: Oolong tea; Buttery and floral syrup.

Garden Green: Green tea; Tea flower, refreshing and zero astringencies. 

Sleep Deeper: The GABA content is nearly 195mg. Nougat sweet, stong fermented fruit taste. 

Ingredients: Pure whole leaf tea

Origin: Taiwan

Years of harvesting: late 2018 to 2019

Packaging: In the small aluminium-foil paper bags for the best freshness.

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Eastern Glamour:
One of the most prestigious tea from Taiwan named by Queen Elizabeth II. around 60 years ago. The honey fruity taste comes from the bite of the specific type of small green leafhoppers that are only being active during summertime. Small batch and hand-picked.

Silk Dancer:
The silky mouthfeel and light creamy note and texture make silk dancer our favorite light-roasted mountain oolong. Grown in the high mountain in the eco-friendly and pesticide-free tea garden. 

Garden Green:
No extra flavoring, the tea farmers only blended the natural wild tea flowers which won’t overpower the taste of green tea. You can expect the smooth mouthfeel and delightful floral scent even with long steeping time.

Image of Sleep Deeper GABA tea.


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