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Garden Green

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Garden Green


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This green tea is grown and made by a group of young tea farmers who wants to spread the concept of organic green tea in Taiwan. The soothing floral note from natural tea flower flows between mouth and nose. Enjoy this tea in the afternoon.

Tea of origin: Nantou County, Taiwan

Natural tea flower inside, High-moderate caffeine, No astringency 

MOA organic certified: MOA1510170 (Mokichi Okada Association International)

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Sourcing from a group of young passionate tea grower friends. With the help and supervision from the Council of agriculture in Taiwan, they follow the agrochemical-free growing methods and still keep the enjoyable lingering aftertaste of oolong tea.

Tea flowers and tea

Have a closer look and smell the dry loose tea, you won’t feel the strong floral sweet scent and complete flower buds. Because the tea makers kept tea flowers during the outdoor withering process and further tea making. That’s why you can see smell and tea flowers in our loose tea, it’s part of the tea from the beginning. 

Basic Profile: Smooth and a light hint of tea flower

Lingering note: No astringency and light natural camellia scent
Enjoy the special aftertaste from your throat and tongue.

Steep up to 4 times per 100 of hot water (85-80) depends on your preference of the strength.

You only need to use one to 2 teaspoons (3 grams) for each brewing. No astringency even the long-brewing time. Please enjoy the lingering aftertaste from your throat.

Chinese method (Kong-fu cha)

Steeping time: 45 sec /60 sec/ 70 sec/ 90 secs

Western method

Amount of water: 280ml

Steeping time:  1 minute 30 seconds & 3 minutes

Maximum infusions: 2


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Weight20 g

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