Cool Roll Baby Mint Oolong

Cool Roll Baby Mint Oolong


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  • AED: د.إ25.94

The sweetness of tea combines with the minty fresh note in the end. It is surprisingly cooling down your body even in the warm temperature. Please enjoy the lingering minty note after your one or second sip. The sweetness and the fine flowery scent coming from the natural tea leaf, no added artificial fragrance.

– Tea region: Minjian county, Nantou

– Elevation: 360m above sea level

– Process: Hand rolling & hand-picked tea


For 20g = more than 30 cups (in 100ml). We suggest you rebrew this tea up to 4 times per 100ml of water.

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What is Red Oolong?

Following the traditional tea making procedures, but the tea farmers developed new techniques of making oolong tea in Taiwan since 25 years ago. The oxidation level is higher than the normal oolong tea that gives the amber-orange like color like black tea. This honey-tasted drinking treat is from Taitung where is famous for Red Oolong which has received more than 50 awards since 1990. The flavor will stay even in cold brew, actually, it’s suitable for cold brewing.

Tea Plant (Cultivar)

The tea plant is the small-leaf variety (小葉種) which is growing in the low altitude of the mountains. This type of tea plant is being used for making black tea in Taiwan. However, the tea artisans made this tea with the same process as oolong tea. The heavy rolling process was made with hands which gives the layers of taste.

Hot Brew

Amount of tea:  2,5-3g

Amount of water: 100 ml / 95 degrees (about 10 seconds after boiling)

Steeping time: at least 3 times (40 sec /30 sec, then plus 15 sec from the third brew)

—Double the steeping time if you brew with 200ml of water and so on.

Cold Brew

First, Prepare a 1L big jar or glass with lid. Brew 10g of loose tea with 100g of hot water for 1 minute.
Second, Pour another 500ml of room-temperature water in it. Put in the fridge (4 degrees) for 4 to 8 hours.



Basic profile: Smooth and flowery note.

Lingering note: distinct minty hint in the end and lingering in the throat.

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