Baked Four Seasons

Baked Four Seasons

 4,50 15,50

  • AED: د.إ19.45 - د.إ67.01

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 4,50 15,50

  • AED: د.إ19.45 - د.إ67.01

Malty roasted sweetness with the Wild Flower note from Four Season Spring. Tastes great with milk and sugar or pure tea with ice. Affordable everyday oolong tea for the whole year and also the entry tea for tea beginners.

Drink it cold, Iced or with Milk and Sugar

No astringency even after long steeping time. 


Tea of origin: Minjian, Nantou, Taiwan

Picking: Machine-harvest 

Processing method: Heavy-Mid fermentation, Heavy roasted (level 4.5)

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The Craftsmanship 

In order to create a unique taste, he has to manually control the temperature by hand-stirring the ashes in the brick burners every 2 hours for 7 to 15 days whereas the modern electronic roasting machine takes 2 to 3 days.

The Tea-maker

Our partnered tea-maker learnt the traditional TieGuanYin (TGY, the heavy fermented + heavy roasted with Longan wood) method from the old tea masters in both Anxi China and Taiwan. During the culture revolution in China, the first generation old master fled to Taiwan and brought that tea-making knowledge along.
After 12 years of apprenticeship with the tea master, the young generations are trying to reproduce this old-fashion technique with Taiwanese tea cultivar- Four Seasons Spring, to differentiate from the green Guanyin in China. He is so fascinated with the tea roasting that he said he’s on the mission of the cultural recovery.


Basic Profile: Baked nuts with spices with the round sweet earthy note.

Lingering note: Floral scent in the mouth with warm lingering.
Colour: Malty Golden color

Water temperature: Boiling hot ~ 95c degree water

General Tea : Water ration= 1g : 50ml

Chinese method (Kong-fu cha)

Tea 5g + Water 100ml 

Steeping time: 1min, Second infusion: 2mins 



Western method (big teapot or coffee mug)
Tea 6g,  water 350ml

Steeping time:  3 minutes, Second infusion: 5 mins (leave it inside) 



Cold Brewing & Milk Tea = 10g + 250ml tea + 250cc cup of ice 

Steep for 5 minutes and pour the hot tea into the cup of ice.
(optional) Add some honey, sugar or replace the ice with milk.

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20g, 50g, 75g


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