Kong-Fu Cha, the master way.

Here is the brief guide for brewing a perfect cup of loose tea. Before we dive into the “technical part”, you might already see “Kong-Fu cha” under our brewing instruction in our product pages. We will explain this first.
The English translation of Kong-fu is martial art, but “Kong-fu cha” is definitely not “martial art tea”. It means this type of brewing method requires “time” and “repeating practices” to become really good at tea-brewing.

chinese tea set
The tea master uses "Gai-wan", a type of brewing bowl, to quickly serve tea.

Let’s start with the rule of thumb:

This is the warmup to master your way to Kong-fu Cha.

The taste and flavor of whole leaf tea are drastically affected by the quality of the water. The calcium and the PH level (or the chlorinated water in some countries) in tap water of the water is very high in some countries (especially in UK or northern Germany).

Only boil the amount of water for each brewing session. The dissolved oxygen will escape from the boiling water which will affect the mouthfeel of your tea.
For example, if you only want to prepare for two people, you might only need to boil 600ml of water instead of 1.5 liters.

Some people will avoid drinking the first infusion due to the risk of taking in chemicals and pesticides from the dry leaf. But it is the best timing to enjoy the aroma of the tea. Like the sleeping beauty just about to wake up and ready to open her eyes.

It's about - Time, Tea & Temperature

The taste of tea is controlled by these three elements. But the connection between you and the tea is more important than the numbers. Feel the flow yourself.

For the best taste of oolong or any high-mountain tea, I still recommend using a small (80-100ml) clay or ceramic teapot, or Gaiwan which is a type of ceramic bowl with a big mouth and lid as you can see below.
However, glass teapot is still doing a great job, the layers and aroma might not be that clear.

brew tea
The ceramic teapot, tea pitcher and a teacup

Western Way & Eastern Way

brew chinese tea
Gaiwan, pitcher and small teacups.

Different way to brew loose tea

#1 Everyone's cup: Only need your coffee mug. Best for office people.

    1. Add 3g of loose tea (about 2.5 teaspoons)
    2. Boil the filtered or frsh water.
    3. Pour the hot water and wait for the leaf open. It takes around 2 minutes.
    4. Enjoy your cup of tea.
    5. Keep adding hot water until the tea tastes plain for you.

Tip for you:
If there’s no water boiler and fancy branded water in your office, the hot water from coffee machine still works well. Just increase the steeping time.

tea in cups
This is how it looks in coffee mug with 3g of Taiwanese oolong tea.

#2 Western Style: Your ceramic or glass teapot. Volume from 12oz (355ml) to 18oz(530ml) 

  1. Boil the filtered water or freshwater. And warm the teapot with hot water.
  2. Pour out the hot water. Add 2 teaspoons of loose tea in the teapot size of 12oz or 4 teaspoons in 18oz.
  3. No strainer is needed. Our whole leaf tea needs space to expand.
  4. Pour the hot water and wait around 2-3 minutes.
  5. Maximum 2-3 infusions with this style. The second infusion will need 5 minutes.

#3 Kong-fu Cha, the Chinese master way

You can try this method if you have the small Chinese teapot or Gaiwan which the volume is between 80ml to 150ml. Or any small teapot with the similar capacity.
  1. Prepare your brewing vessels: Teapot, pitcher, and teacups.
  2. Boil the water and warm up your vessels, from teapot to pitcher than teacup.
  3. Toss 3g-5g of loose tea into teapot, cover, and shake it for 3 seconds. Inhale, enjoy the scent of  dry tea leaf by smelling.
  4. Pour the hot water and start brewing. From 25 seconds to 90 seconds, it depends on the type of tea and the size of teapot. — 1g water = 50g water is the standard.
  5. Serve the tea into pitcher then to the cups for yourself and the guests.
  6. Drink up and smell the aroma in your empty cups.
  7. For this method, you can serve up to 10 infusions depends on the strength of the tea and your preference.

Let's unlock the full flavor of high quality tea.

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