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We source all our tea from the independent tea farmers who work for their own family tea business for decades in Taiwan. Clarity, as their front face outside of Taiwan, we only select the teas which are not only tasty but also receive the national food safety certifications from the Taiwanese government. Most of our suppliers are either organic tea farms or on their transition period (about 7 years).They only produce a few hundred kilograms of tea every season. Because of the small scale production and the strong domestic demands, it is a burden for them applying for costly organic certifications from international organizations.The use of pesticides and chemicals directly hurts the farmers themselves before selling to the markets, the pesticide-free movement is already happening. The farmers, their families, and our family are also drinking that tea every day. Transparency and ethics are our core values in Clarity Taiwan Tea. 

There are several reasons why you should try oolong tea:

  • The broad range of taste profile: The broad range of fermentation levels (from 15 to 85) means the huge differences in tastes. As well as the roasting.
  • The "oil-cutting" power: Even though the catechins (antioxidant) in oolong tea is not as high as in green tea, the effect on reducing the body fat, especially in your belly, is significant than green tea.
  • The "warm-based" tea: It is the tea for (almost) every people. Green tea is "cold-based" tea that sometimes causes you unpleasant feelings like nausea or stomachache. Frankly speaking, even though it contains the most antioxidant, it is not the tea for everyone.
    Oolong tea, on the other hand, is mild for our body and also has many scientifical proofs of its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.