Restricted shipping due to COVID-19,  the shipping time might be affected. 

We relocated our base back to TAIWAN where ALL the products are shipped from. The shipping rate and the time are different after 2020.10.01.


Flate Size 

Box Size (in tin & teawares)

Free Shipping

Europe, UK


15 EUR

65 EUR

US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

12 EUR

20 EUR

90 EUR


1.5 EUR

2.5 EUR

30 EUR

Important notice:

  • The shipping rate is calculated in EUROs.
  • We kindly ask that please DO NOT provide us with a Post Office Box address, or to the address which doesn’t show your name on the doorbell. There’s a high chance that might cause misdelivery.
  • It is possible to send to your workplace or the residential building, where someone is available to receive for you. Please noted the detailed information during your checkout if you choose these methods.

Standard shipping time

  • To EUROPE: from 5 to 13 working days