Single estate tea

All our products are grown, produced and manufactured in Taiwan and China (most of the teawares). We are doing our best to give you the transparency of our supply chain, from tea garden, harvest seasons, manufacturing location to the tea cultivar. Because we are also the consumers, everyone has the right to know what you get and why you are paying.

Material and craftsmanship

In the capitalist world, it’s difficult to find the product with the real best price value. As the consumers, the money we saved must come from somewhere, either from the source, the labors, the carriers or even our environment. The quality of tea is highly depending on the craftsmanship of tea makers and the body of the raw materials. There’s one good example: Let’s say you are a great cook. The food you prepare would taste even better with high-quality ingredients, right?


We don’t want to cover up the fine taste of artisan tea by blending different types of tea cultivar and artificial fragrance just for cost down. All of our tea is from the local suppliers who are also the members of the council of agriculture in Taiwan. 

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Tea making requires years of practical experience and knowledge from older generations.

Not only the support from the government, our partnered suppliers are also diligent “tea students”. Why? Each season, they participate in different tea contests and collaborate with the lab in national universities for quantitative quality assurance. 

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