Sep 12 2019

When tea meets pottery

  • 16:30 PM
  • Runa Keramik – Pücklerstr. 22 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

We are going to have our first FREE OPEN tea tasting event in Berlin.
This will be our last event in Germany in 2019, but we will come back to this lovely city in 2020 for sure!! It is a fun and crazy place, our second home.

Time: 2019/9/12 16:15 (UTC+2) 
Place: Pücklerstr.22, 10997 Berlin
Co-host: Runa Keramik (Link here)
Cost: Free
Seats: up to 10 people

About this event

Just like wine or coffee tasting, tea also has different layers of note and flavor. — Honey, nutty, flowery, grassy or earthy, you can’t experience these with the teabags.
Join our tea session after having Streetfood in Markthalle Neun.
— this event is not for tea experts, don’t be afraid. Just come to have a cup of tea with us.🙂

A corner of her studio

What to expect?

You will get a chance to try four types of tea with four different spectrums.
We will discuss:

  • The story and philosophy of tea-drinking,
  • Tea processing and the region,
  • The flavor of different tea and why.

About our co-host

Runa Karamik is the Berlin ceramic studio located in Kreuzberg, one of the areas for foodies and coffee addicts. She is an independent ceramic artist who has a solid experience in creating beautiful ceramic pieces and also offering the one-to-one ceramic course. Runa is a very open-minded and accommodating artist, we love her personality. Just message her.

Her work
Live Preview