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    Frequently Asked Questions


    We’ve considered some questions you might ask. Please go to FAQs page for more answers. Please feel free to contact us if we haven’t solved the problem for you.


    如果想要更即時的回覆,歡迎多利用Facebook 粉專, Instagram 小盒子 或是 Line官方號與我們聯繫。


    Do you have gifting boxes?


    Yes, you can find our gift bag in our partnered store- SPOT Taipei Film House. Or you can send us a message if you are an oversea (not in Taiwan) customer.


    Do you have seasonal special tea?


    Yes, please follow our Instagram and subscribe our newsletter for any updates.

    Do you still deliver to my country during COVID-19?

    We've been sending our parcels to Australia, Germany, Spain, the UK and the US. If you are not from the above-mentioned countries, please feel free to contact us before placing your order.


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