Our Ethics


As an individual, I strive to help small-to-mid-size tea farmers who care about the ecosystem of tea plantation and the ethics of their business.

What they are seeking is the ultimate quality of their works.

Tea can be really cheap tea because the cost goes to other places. Exploitation of labor, pesticides and chemicals, poor-quality raw material or massive mechanical production, just to name a few…

green tea leaf

Farmers & Me

I knew all the farmers through friends or word-of-mouth. Before deciding our suppliers, I meet them in person not only for tasting tea, but also for finding our shared value.   Then, I visit the tea garden and tea manufacturing site because I need to know every cup of tea is safe and tasty before handing to your hands.     

“We don’t want our land to suffer from the consequences of earning quick money. Our tea farm is the home of insects and the wild grass is the corps.”

- Mrs. Huei Hung, one of our partner tea farmers.
teabag wastes

Feel guilt-free

Believe or not, we are creating 170 million teabags every day, most of them contain non-biodegradable materials and cause micro-plastic ocean pollution.

PLA is a plant-based plastic (yes, it is still plastics) that is being used in many “plastic-free” tea brands. Even though it is degradable, it is not always 100% biodegradable.

Thousands of millions “micro-plastics” are flowing into the ocean.

You are not only gaining your own health and beauty, but also joining our Global Tea Revolution.

teabag wastes

Tea for everyone

Mountain tea is rich in antioxidants which helps increase our metabolism and also slows down the aging of our cells.

Do you know oolong tea has been proven has twice effective weight loss and decrease the risk of heart diseases.

The taste of mountain tea

Growing in the high mountain and the special tea-making process, oolong has manifold flavor and amazing lingering aftertaste.

Clarity Taiwan Tea is an independent online teashop that put ethics and taste before profits. About 5 to 10% of our cost goes back to tea growers so that they can concentrating on making exceptional tea for us. No artificial addictive and labour exploitation in your cup. Happy steeping with us!