What we do

We are focusing on providing people the Purest Tea Ritual Experience through artisan-picked Whole Leaf Tea with tea wares designed for reaching optimal drinking pleasure and our modern lifestyle. 

 While the herbal and fruity tea blends are dominate the tea market, we want to share the pure beauty of the whole leaf teas that we are drinking in Asia, not through the tea auction or factories.

fresh tea

Tea, Mountains and People

All the tea are from Taiwan because we know this land the best. We source what we’ve tried, seen and believed in the farms. One of my favorite tea is from Ali Mountains. The high elevation (from 1100- 2800 meters) and the weather give the tea extra silky mouthfeel and soothing floral aftertastes.

" Whole leaf tea is therapeutic. "

I was an Espresso avid who always go for double shots in the morning. But I found my intimate peaceful moment when I brew pure teas. The synergy is from the ceremonial ritual, the smooth hand movement and my breath. Tea drinking is a process to feel yourself, other people and our surroundings. Besides, there are many health benefits in a cup of whole leaf tea than coffee.
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I am lucky being brought up with good teas and minimum processed food. My lifestyle has changed since I lived abroad few years ago, especially my dietary. Tea blends are fun and tasty, but I miss the fascinating layered tastes in tea. So I went back to Taiwan after finish my degree in Berlin, I'm seeking the origin of tea and found more surprising tastes and stories.

There is no the "best" tea in the world. It's about YOUR heart and feeling. Let's be opened and explore together.

Hanneily 🙂
On the way of tea sourcing- Captured in Ali Mountain, 2020 March

High mountain tea is rich in antioxidants which helps increase our metabolism and also slows down the aging process of our cells. But do you know oolong tea has been proven has twice effective weight loss and decrease the risk of heart diseases than other teas?

Find your taste in a cup of nature. Like a natural beauty, she is stunning even without makeups.

Clarity and honesty

We reject sourcing from those tea farmers/ makers who use additives, pesticides and colorful flavoring to enhance the tastes of teas. We also drink what we offer everyday.