We bring the modern people a brief but ceremonial Tea Ritual Moment into our busy days.

We are bringing you the clean-tasting experience with our handcrafted tea, selected by tea masters in Taiwan, the birthplace of gourmet oolong tea.

Clarity Taiwan Tea is a lifestyle online shop founded by Hanneily, a Taiwanese, cat and tea lover, with a strong passion for tea, coffee and a natural lifestyle.

Started in Berlin, we bring the ethics and exceptional tea-drinking experience of the highest quality tea, directly from Taiwan, the mecca for oolong tea lovers around the world. We are the true tea propagators who make real connections with people through tea tasting events.

We will walk you through this beautiful process of tea ritual. You don’t have to be a tea connoisseur. we will introduce you to the easiest way to enjoy a cup of tea for your satisfaction.


We are tired of seeing how tea is being advertised around the world. It's an open secret that food additives are commonly used to enhance the flavour of tea? But the real tastes of tea is decided by the craftsmanship of the tea makers, the soil condition of tea gardens and the weather when they plunk the tea. That's why we decided to start from the tea origin. To ensure the tea is clean, well-crafted and ethically made, we visit each farmer's garden at least 2 times before starting our partnership.









It's time for your clean tea ritual. Be healthy, be the natural you.

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