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Start your Clean tea Tasting experience here.

Zero fragrant, true Exquisite whole leaf for your better health.

Your Clean Tea Taste Experience

oriental beauty tea from taiwan

Zero fragrant, true exquisite whole leaf tea for your better health.

Latest 2019 Harvest

Small batch and Zero-fragrant pure tea

Eastern Glamour

Fruity, Organic, Rare Oolong tea

Sweet Rock

Sweet nutty, rock, Rare oolong tea

Garden Green

Tea Flower, Japanese Organic Certified

Best Value

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Roasted Sampler

Mellow Taste Signiture
32% off

Light Sampler

Refreshing Signiture
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When tea is not only tea...

There’s nothing wrong with fragrance and coloring in tea since it’s been a norm in the tea industry for more than hundred years. – But have you ever tried the natural and clean taste of tea in your life?

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vibrant, full of layers and fun!

You can expect the exceptional aroma, the layers in taste and the beautiful lingering ending in your mouth and throat. This is the tea experience you won’t have with the fragrant tea blends.

Drink a cup of craftsmanship!

Direct Sourcing
We sourced directly from local farmers and tea masters who have solid experiences in tea. It's tasty, clean and ethical.
No CTC (Cut-Tear-Curl) tea. Our partnered tea masters follow traditional and modern technology to make high-quality whole leaf tea.
It's more than 3 grams
3 grams and 30 seconds. You can enjoy at least 4 cups of whole leaf tea, it's the same amount of tea as bagged tea.

Friendship sourcing

We sourced from our farmer and tea maker friends who truly love their works. Every year we drive into mountains just for visiting them.


Our tea masters have been dedicating their life in tea-making for 2 even 4 generations in Taiwan. It is a life-long journey.

Not only 3g of tea

3g of whole leaf tea and 30 seconds, you can enjoy at least 4 cups of tea. No risk of micro-plastics and chemicals.

Berlin - Taiwan - London - Dubai

Started from Berlin, we bring the exceptional tea-drinking experience of the highest quality tea, directly from Taiwan, the mecca for oolong tea lovers around the world.

We are the true tea propagators who make real connections with people through tea tasting events.

Travel between Dubai, Berlin, Thailand, London and Taiwan.

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Ethics and Transparency matter.

" As a consumer, we all have the right to know what we are paying for. "

Tea can be really cheap tea because the cost goes to other places.

Exploitation of labor, pesticides and chemicals, poor-quality raw material or massive mechanical production, just to name a few…

We are small but we want to make change. Around 5% of our retail price goes back to tea growers pocket, just for supporting an ethical and sustainable tea supply chain. So that they can 100% focus on making good tea.

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